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And His Name Was John Doe

He sat there in his dark cell. The doctor came in to give him his medication, but he didn’t acknowledge him. He tried to coerce the patient onto the bed. He did not budge. So, the doctor left. From what I witnessed, he was the quietest patient we had in St. Marys. He was found 3 weeks ago wandering around the forest in the small hours of the morning, about 3 miles west of here. Our county sheriff department arrested him for what they thought was drunk and disorderly, but it turned out he was just like that, I guess. They kept him in custody for 5 days before bringing him to us. They couldn’t find out anything about him. He didn’t answer any of their questions, his fingerprints weren’t on their system. Plus, after the 4th night he started to make the officers and some of the fellow cell blockers a little uncomfortable. When he was admitted in the hospital the doctors did the regular check-ups, but they couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. On the surface, he was just a regular human being. They did not uncover anything strange or peculiar. As they continued to monitor him, they saw that he didn’t eat or sleep. At first, he was placed in a communal room, with a mate. The doctors thought that company may do him some good, until they found his roommate dead only day later. They say it was suicide. When he was in the recreational area he just stood and stared out the window. Some of the patients that were recovering quite well would behave unusual, showing signs of unease and extreme nervousness. He had the same effect on some of the nurses. It got to the point where only a few of the nurses and doctors would approach him. Molly was only recently hired. She’d been with us for a few months, long before the stranger had arrived. I had never spoken to her in person, but she seemed like a quiet girl, young, enthusiastic and keen to prove her worth. Perhaps she was a little naïve. She found him intriguing. So, it was a shock what she did to herself. She volunteered to give John Doe his food and his meds. She tried to converse with him. Not long after spending time with him, she became distant and cold. Her youthful looks began to deteriorate quite drastically. On the 10th day of the outsider’s arrival Molly was administering drugs for the patients, her once bright and young eyes were now gaunt and sunken.  She walked right in the middle of the communal area with a knife she stole from the kitchens stabbed herself in the stomach repeatedly, her blood trickled down on the white linoleum and mad a thick red pool around her feet. She dropped to her knees. Doctors rushed in to calm the patients down as they screamed like animals in a zoo, except for John Doe, who stared at the nurses as they retrieved her body.

After that he was put into a confined cell, with security cameras, where he could be monitored 24/7. Every day at the same time they brought him food. But he never ate it. This started to worry the doctors. So, they tried to hook him up to a drip. On the 13th Day at around 11.37pm, my shift had ended, and I handed over the keys to Jackie. I was driving for almost 15 minutes and my mobile phone rang. Jackie was on the other line. She was panicking, crying, saying things were that were completely irrational. I turned around and headed back. I ran into the hospital, but Jackie wasn’t at the desk where I left her. I found her cowering in the corner covered in tears and sweat and she screamed at me “turn around” and “look” “look at the monitors” “for god sake turn around”. I thought she was being dramatic at first, so I turned to watch whatever made her so afraid.

John Doe was there where I left him though. His back toward the camera. He was more animated than usual. He was fidgeting aggressively. I leaned in closer. Whatever he was scratching at, he really wanted rid of it. He stumbled back out of sight and tossed something in the corner of the room. And then the doctors ran in with some police officers. I followed them to the cell and when the door opened the garish white light exposed such a sight I do not wish to relive. I have never seen anything so truly horrifying. The whole room was painted in blood, sheets of skin casually thrown on the ground as if they were yesterday’s newspaper. He was ripping and clawing at his own stomach. He reached in and clutched a fistful of his guts and entrails and dragged them out and wrapped them around his fist as if he was hauling a sailboat attached to a rope on the shore. As he threw them onto the ground, the began to viciously wriggle. Their appearance was similar to that of jellied eels, squirming and bathing in the puddles of blood, like pigs in mud.

When I got a look at his face. I violently wretched, delirious with torment. His teeth were exposed, and his face was now just a red mass of veins, muscle and glistening bone. I closed my eyes in horror and held my stomach, heaving. Suddenly, I heard gunshots and the slap of a body as it connected with the blood-spattered floor. For a moment, we thought it was over. Then we heard a screeching echo as the sound bounced from wall to wall. The once lifeless tufts of flesh scattered around the cell started to move, pulling themselves across the floor like large skin coloured slugs leaving trails of more blood behind them. Some of them skulked toward John Doe and began to listlessly dissolve into his corpse. What I witnessed next was inhuman. I backed away but lost my footing and felt my body being forced back. My head smashed on the tiles and I blacked. When I regained consciousness, I opened my eyes. One piece of skin leapt from the ceiling and latched on to one of the officer’s faces. He shrieked. Another lunged at me. It tried to eat me. The congealed blood clotted lump of meat had hundreds of rows of tiny sharp teeth. It had a hold of me for a split second and it got a bit of my ear clean off, I struggled relentlessly and managed to wrench it away and throw it. By the time I regained my breath, I heard the police officer shriek with excruciating agony.  I ran toward him and pulled and pulled but it wouldn’t budge. The more I pulled the tighter the grip got. The second police officer shot the flesh-eating slug repeatedly and it slowly slid off the officer’s face. We hauled his body out and barricaded the door. When we tried to resuscitate the fallen policeman, he was dead. Unrecognisable. Two large white eyeballs peered out from his skinless face. The police officer and I ran down the corridor as the lights began to flicker rapidly.  In each cell, the patients started to fall apart, piece by piece and their bodies transformed into blobs of boneless beasts. Their melted bodies began to slither through door cracks and air vents. And soon, they were very aware of our existence. We could hear their evil snarls echoing above us. And we could see the metal vent rattle.

I heard a scream from behind and I realised that Jackie was still in the main hall. So, we circled back and ran as fast as we could. A sharp pain crept up on my side. I called out to Jackie. Behind the reception area there she stood with a fire axe and saturated in blood. She looked at me in fear. As I ran to her, I saw the mutilated and dismembered body of Molly. I told Jackie to move away from the corpse immediately. Molly’s body began to rattle. It liquified and sluggishly began to piece itself together. She was no longer a young girl. It was a monster. Tentacles burst through its torso and it began pulling itself towards us. All we could do was run. We found a room that looked safe for the time being. The three of us shoved everything we could find against all possible entrances. We tried the phones but there was nothing. The windows had steel bars on them. We were trapped, which meant our death was inevitable. The police officer collapsed from shock and exhaustion and Jackie would never be the same again. We searched the room for weapons. But only found a few syringes and a bottle of Pancuronium bromide – The lethal injection. We all looked at each other and we knew what had to be done. There would be enough for all three of us, we just had to chose who would administer it. We drew straws. I had to fulfil the police officer and Jackie’s wishes. The Police Officers name was Thomas Daley, he was a good man and incredibly brave. His family would have been extremely proud of him, he handed me a picture of his wife and young son, which I have attached below. When he was ready, I injected him. His muscles seized and his entire body shut down. He was dead within minutes. Jackie was crying, understandably. We had worked together in this hospital for 7 years. She extended her arm to me and I said goodbye. I would not have allowed our bodies to be consumed alive by those hideous and foul creatures that are now creeping through the hospital. We will not suffer.

The place has been infested with such horrors, my eyes cannot comprehend it. It is difficult to come up with an intelligent reason behind what has happened. They will surely find me. Even if I did miraculously escape, I do not think I could live a normal life, knowing what I have encountered.

I hope someone finds this letter. What I have seen and what I have endured is the truth. I hope god forgives me, but there is no other way out of it.

Copyright © 2021 The Dark Corner.

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