I am a collector. A collector of delicate and unique antiquities, some old and some modern. I choose them very carefully, but I do not buy them right away. I regularly visit the establishments to make sure they are still in one piece; if they are tampered with, they lose their value. I am given …

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And His Name Was John Doe

He sat there in his dark cell. The doctor came in to give him his medication, but he didn’t acknowledge him. He tried to coerce the patient onto the bed. He did not budge. So, the doctor left. From what I witnessed, he was the quietest patient we had in St. Marys. He was found …

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The Deep

John and his 9-year-old son, Darragh discovered lake dubh, around the back of their new house only a few days after they moved in. John was in his office, which was the only room that looked lived in. On the shelves were three books “Whatever Happened to Lisa Baker?”, “The Missing” & “Crimes of the …

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